Snakemake - A Friendly Introduction

I made a tutorial in Snakemake for RSG-Nordic and RSG-Sweden. You can access the full tutorial with data, scripts and solutions at GitHub.

First steps with Git

Introduction This tutorial aims to get your feet wet using the Git terminal to manage your files locally and understand how to send these to GitHub.

Introduction to Git for Bioinformaticians

Background I originally wrote this material and gave it as a one-day course for the Master’s students in bioinformatics at Lund University (Sweden), 2016.

Introduction to UNIX for Biologists

Background UNIX-based file systems and UNIX-terminals are ubiquitous when working with biological data.

Using the GitHub interface

Introduction to using GitHub This tutorial is an illustrated step-by-step guide on using GitHub to present your code or data analysis.

Interactive exploration of p-values and FDR

Illustration of FDR and p-values In -omics (the study of biological molecules on a large scale), the analysis is often carried out for hundreds or thousands of molecules at once.

Statistics book recommendations 2020

Introduction Through my ventures into statistics, there have been several books inspiring me on the way.

Shiny From Scratch Hands on tutorial

How-to You can follow this tutorial on your computer by:

The data- and design-matrices

Introduction I plan to write a collection of posts describing different aspects of working with expression-based omic data.

Content security policy for font awesome on Netlify

When setting up this very web page, everything initially went smoothly, up until I ran into the issue of ‘Content Security Policy’ (CSP).