I have a range of programming interests that have touched on topics such as hackathons, Chinese study, game programming and more. I plan to gradually put up summaries of the different projects I have been involved in here.

Bioinformatics software development

NormalyzerDE is a published software for informed selection of normalization methods. It provides an ‘evaluation report’ guiding the user to select among a collection of normalization techniques. It provides a new approach to normalizing for electrospray intensity variations in the mass spectrometer. It has a built-in statistical module, which makes it easy to run the subsequent statistical step directly. It is available as a web server an R package and Bioconductor package.

OmicLoupe is a software for rapid and comprehensive visualization of trends in omics-data. It provides interactive visualizations and introduces novel visualizations for understanding trends across multiple datasets, omics, or statistical comparisons. It is freely available as an open-source R package and will be submitted for publication shortly.

Bioinformatics analysis projects

During my Ph.D. I have been involved in three diverse agricultural projects, each using proteomics and, in some cases, transcriptomics to improve on the existing knowledge and breeding markers.

Fusarium infection in oat: Proteogenomic exploration of the differing disease response between two oat varieties (published)

Bull fertility: Proteomic exploration across four separate proteomic datasets taken from seminal plasma in bull (submitted).

Potato latitude adaptability: Proteomic exploration across 17 potato-varieties grown 2016, and one variety is grown three Summers to find markers related to what makes some potatoes better handle the longer sun-hours and shorter growing seasons in northern Sweden (submitted shortly).

Game development

From Earth to Earth is a freely available online short game where a mud-man explores a rainy world searching for his Purpose. It is developed in C# and Unity. All code and assets are created by me. The source code is available here.

The Sun Will Go Out is a freely available space exploration and role-playing game developed over more than two years, in a joint effort between three developers. The source code is available here.