Introduction to Git for Bioinformaticians

Sun, Oct 11, 2020 2-minute read


I originally wrote this material and gave it as a one-day course for the Master’s students in bioinformatics at Lund University (Sweden), 2016. It has been developed with support from PlantLink.

The material aims to give enough understanding of Git to grasp the purpose of the different commands, without delving into details which aren’t crucial for the understanding of how to start using and understanding the basics of Git.

Throughout the materials, I have added a number of illustrations similar to the one shown below in order to help the reader to visualize the internal process of each step.

The written materials are divided into three parts.

  • A written and illustrated part explaining the concepts together with illustrated code examples.
  • Exercises encouraging the reader to see whether he or she now can put the commands to use.
  • Finally, each chapter ends with a brief recap to let the reader see if he or she has a good understanding of both concepts and commands.

Finally, I want to acknowledge the guide: Understanding Git conceptually. This fantastic guide finally helped me piecing the concepts of Git together.

If you have questions or comments - let me know at:

jakob (at) jakobwillforss (dot) com


Introduction to Git for Bioinformaticians


  1. Introduction to version control
  2. Understanding and using a repository
  3. Investigating your history
  4. Branches
  5. Remote repositories
  6. Version control for bioinformaticians